[Automation] Pass output from flow A to a triggered deployment B as parameters

We have muliple teams working on a different parts of a system.
TeamA is working on developing flows for data processing1 (for example result of their work will be Kubernetes config they need to run, workspace_id), they use their own code-base (git_repo_1)
Also there are other TeamB, TeamC, TeamD … - they have their own git repos for code, have different logic, but the output format is the same as for TeamA - Kubernetes config, workspace_id

TeamCore is working on developing flow for running things coming from other teams (run Kubernetes deployments, setup workspaces ,etc). So that flow expects as parameters: kubenetes_config, workspace_id.

TeamCore’s flow(deployment) should be automatically triggered after TeamA’s flow complete or TeamB’s flow complete, etc …

I planned to use Automation introduced by Prefect Cloud (if there are some other way - that would be perfect), but can’t find a way how to pass parameters from parent flows to child TeamCore’s flow.
ps. because each team is using different git repos I can’t just import their flows to a core’s code.