Work Queue Automatically Goes Unhealthy


Getting a work queue to run in a state other than unhealthy.

Where I am

Running a work queue that automatically defaults to unhealthy with no logs, no traceback, no reasoning as to why it failed other than you failed try again.


I really really need some type of way to understand why the queue is automatically failing. I cannot find anything on this error online, in the documents or in this discourse chat anywhere.

If anyone could advise me on a way to debug work queues on Prefect Orion Server running either locally or on a Docker Container it would be appreciated. I am not asking for a solve here, but more a way to debug given this product gives me nothing other than ‘unhealthy’ as a response to a failing work queue.

Have you started an agent? in order to have a healthy work queue, you need to have an agent running 24/7 - this is a lightweight process that polls that work queue for scheduled runs. Here is how you can start it: prefect agent start -q default

LOL. Yeah… That solved it. Now onto struggling with getting two containers up and running with one running Orion and the other the Agent.

Might I suggest more verbose error messages in the future? Just felt like I was going crazy there for a second.

Thank you, Anna!

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no worries, we’ve got you!

to run both Orion and server in docker, check out this setup:

and this post: