Prefect-Snowflake: Okta Endpoint Bug

I believe there is a bug located within the following script, but am unsure. The arguments and the get values seem to be out of sync.

class SnowflakeCredentials(Block):
    Block used to manage authentication with Snowflake.
        account (str): The snowflake account name.
        user (str): The user name used to authenticate.
        password (SecretStr): The password used to authenticate.
        private_key (SecretStr): The PEM used to authenticate.
        authenticator (str): The type of authenticator to use for initializing
            connection (oauth, externalbrowser, etc); refer to
            [Snowflake documentation](
            for details, and note that `externalbrowser` will only
            work in an environment where a browser is available.
        token (SecretStr): The OAuth or JWT Token to provide when
            authenticator is set to OAuth.
        okta_endpoint (str): The Okta endpoint to use when authenticator is
            set to `okta_endpoint`, e.g. `https://<okta_account_name>`.
        role (str): The name of the default role to use.
        autocommit (bool): Whether to automatically commit.
        Load stored Snowflake credentials:
        from prefect_snowflake import SnowflakeCredentials
        snowflake_credentials_block = SnowflakeCredentials.load("BLOCK_NAME")

    authenticator: Literal[
    ] = Field(  # noqa
        description=("The type of authenticator to use for initializing connection"),
    endpoint: Optional[str] = Field(
            "The Okta endpoint to use when authenticator is set to `okta_endpoint`"

Which then violates the following method below as the requested value doesn’t exist.

    def _validate_okta_kwargs(cls, values):
        Ensure an authorization value has been provided by the user.
        authenticator = values.get("authenticator")
        okta_endpoint = values.get("okta_endpoint")
        if authenticator == "okta_endpoint" and not okta_endpoint:
            raise ValueError(
                "If authenticator is set to `okta_endpoint`, "
                "`okta_endpoint` must be provided"
        return values

thanks so much for spotting it and reporting it. could you open a bug report (GitHub issue) on the perfect-snowflake repo? this would help a lot

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thank you so much