Prefect 1.2 release including integration and a new feature to retry your tasks only on specific exception types

Hi Prefectionists! :wave:

Today, we’ve released Prefect 1.2, which includes a very cool feature allowing you to retry your tasks only on specific exception types. Apart from that, there is a new integration, as well as several enhancements and fixes. Check out the release notes below for details.


  • Add retry_on to allow tasks to retry on a subset of exception types - #5634


  • Add ability to add capacity provider for ECS flow runs - #4356
  • Add support for default values to DateTimeParameter - #5519
  • Calling within a flow definition context will raise a RuntimeError - #5588
  • Add support for service principal and managed identities for storage on Azure - #5612

Task Library

  • The azureml-sdk dependency has been moved from the azure extra into azureml - #5632
  • Add task to create materializations with Transform - #5518
  • Add create_bucket to GCSCopy - #5618


  • Fix issue where the FlowRunView could fail to initialize when the backend has no state data - #5554
  • Fix issue where adaptive Dask clusters failed to replace workers - #5549
  • Fix issue where logging in to Cloud via the CLI could fail - #5643


Thanks to all our contributors! :heart:

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