Kubernetes cluster stopped to work in Prefect cloud

I have a Kubernetes cluster configured as a workpool in my Prefect cloud. Also, we have configured a Github action for deploying our prefect flows to the cloud. Everything was working as expected with our deployments until a couple of days ago when we started to receive the following error in the Github action script:

prefect.exceptions.PrefectHTTPStatusError: Client error '404 Not Found' for url 'http://ephemeral-prefect/api/deployments/'
Response: {'detail': 'Work pool "main-k8s-staging-cluster-1" not found.'}

we made no changes to our cluster or configurations. The flows already deployed to Prefect cloud are working just fine, but we can’t deploy anything to the could from GA anymore. Any idea why is this happening? There have been any changes in the perfect cloud infrastructure or code version recently?