Is it possible to filter failed PrefectFutures without blocking downstream processing?

Hi All!

Consider the following code,

import random
from prefect import flow, task

def may_fail(x):
    if random.random() > 0.5:
        raise RuntimeError()
    return x

def add_one(x):
    return x + 1

def blocking():
    # Run a collection of jobs where some may fail.
    futures =

    # Filter out failures
    # Note: because we call PrefectFuture.result(), we wait for all `may_fail`
    # tasks to finish before starting any `add_one` tasks.
    results = [
        for f in futures
        if not isinstance(result := f.result(raise_on_failure=False), Exception)

    # Run second set of tasks based on the first, now that failures have been filtered.
    return [x.result() for x in]

def nonblocking_but_fails():
    # Same as the above
    futures =

    # Attempt to directly pass the futures to the second set of tasks without
    # filtering Failures.
    # This approach causes the exception:
    #   `prefect.exceptions.UnfinishedRun: Run is in PENDING state, its result is not available.`
    # Reason being -- PrefectFutures from `may_fail` that do Fail will kick off a task that
    # cannot be completed and is stuck in `Pending` even if we call `PrefectFuture.wait()` or
    # `PrefectFuture.result()`
    return [x.result(raise_on_failure=False) for x in]

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print("\n\n\n\nStarting next pipeline!")

For the blocking flow, we submit all may_fail tasks, then are forced to wait for their results before filtering results and proceeding with the add_one tasks.

However, if some may_fail results have succeeded, it would be desirable to allow them to begin processing as input for downstream tasks rather than awaiting the other may_fail tasks.

Is there a built-in or idiomatic way of supporting this sort of non-blocking error filtering?

Thanks in advance for your help!