How do I set state to skipped in Prefect 2?

there an equivalent to from prefect.engine.state import Skipped in Orion?

My first thought is Cancelled ?
States - Prefect 2.0 do I import it?

But from prefect.states import Cancelled doesn’t seem to work

My goal is to basically skip downstream tasks if there isn’t new data to process.

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Kevin answered on Slack:
None yet, but it will be added. What are you trying to do though? Cuz in Orion you can do:

def myflow():
    a = task_one()
    if a.result() == "something":

so effectively the SKIP is controlled by the if statement. In Prefect one you can’t, use the if so you raise SKIP to propagate the signal downstream

“Yes SKIP will be a thing because there are use cases where this if is janky to shape”

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