Feedback about getting started with Orion deployments and DockerFlowRunner

While trying to get the DockerFlowRunner running with the following:

And receiving support:

I had trouble with:

  1. Running the docker flow tutorial as is (had to iterate many times over Discourse to clarify and add what was missing; thank you so much to Anna for your prompt responses!) I think expounding on credentials and custom docker image is needed.
  2. Having three separate terminal windows to:
    a. prefect orion start
    b. prefect agent start UUID
    c. prefect deployment run orion-test-docker/docker_custom_local_image
    (Would really like a quick-start)
  3. The terminal windows became outdated upon updating prefect storage set-default… and gcloud set project (I think this problem is exaggerated with having three separate terminal windows)
  4. How I couldn’t set default values based on the label “Name” column, e.g. prefect storage set-default integrations-dev, had to lookup UUID with prefect storage ls then use the corresponding UUID.
  5. Same for prefect agent start <UUID> rather than prefect agent start <LABEL-NAME>, and when trying to use The error message actually refers to “name” rather than “UUID”: 14:05:28.169 | WARNING | prefect.agent - No work queue found named 'tut-work-queue’.
  6. When creating Local Storage, I found that if I used the user key ~, e.g. STORAGE PATH: ~/.prefect it doesn’t expand it. Anna mentioned that the docs state to use an absolute path. I think it’d be nice to either clarify that in the CLI upon calling prefect storage create, or supporting / erroring out when ~ or $HOME is used
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