"[Errno 28] No space left on device" resulting in "Flow could not be retrieved from deployment."

Hi everyone,

Prefect is really helping me in workflow, thanks for the great work!

However, a few days ago I started to deploy my first flow, which is meant to be run periodically in perpetuity. Unfortunately, it crashed after about 24h hours after I first deployed it.

Three consecutive flow runs then aborted with the same behaviour: “Flow could not be retrieved from deployment.” Seemingly this was caused by “[Errno 28] No space left on device”.

I checked my Filesystems and all of them show plenty of space left.

Shortly after the last flow run crashed, Orion also experienced an error and shut down. Unfortunately, I closed the Orion terminal session containing the error message. Are there any log files available to retrieve it?

I’ll attach a screenshot of the flow run log.

I would be very grateful for any hints on what may be causing this. Thanks!

I solved it.

For anybody encountering the same issue:

My /tmp ran out of space. In my case, I had to create a larger partition and mount that one to /tmp.