Do I need to work queues and agents running to use scheduled deployments?

After running

prefect orion start
prefect deployment create
prefect deployment run flow_name/deployment_name

Do I need to run:
prefect work-queue create test-queue
prefect agent start <work-queue-UUID>

To get the schedule runs automatically started?

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Great question! And yes, you do need that. The command:

prefect deployment run flow_name/deployment_name

will generate a run on the agent that polls from the respective work queue.

If you want to run a deployment ad-hoc without agents and work-queues, you can use the execute command instead:

prefect deployment execute flow_name/deployment_name

Ah that’s unfortunate that it includes so many steps to get a scheduled run going.

You’ve already submitted that as feedback :smile:

I know Michael wants to improve this UX.

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Haha I wasn’t sure if that was specific to Docker deployment~

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