Creating Orion database in postgres manually

This might sound trivial… but if I dont want to use docker image but want to create the postgres database in an existing database server, how can I do it? I dont see any scripts for building the required tables.

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Great question! You don’t have to use Postgres in Docker, any Postgres database will work - sorry to hear that docs showing how to do it with Postgres running in Docker confused you to believe that’s the only option

All you need to do is to specify the DB connection in your Prefect settings. Then, once you start Orion, DB migrations will start to take care of it

prefect config set PREFECT_ORION_DATABASE_CONNECTION_URL="postgresql+asyncpg://postgres:yourTopSecretPassword@localhost:5432/orion"

Thanks! I was able to do this. however asyncpg doesnt support kerberos. is it possible to use any other database? Ony Postgres and sqlite are supported?

Exactly, you can use either Postgres or SQLite. And if that doesn’t work, there is always the option to leverage Prefect Cloud