Cannot create ACI with prefect push workpool

Im trying to deploy an ACI on my azure account but I keep getting this error:

Flow run could not be submitted to infrastructure: Container Group creation failed - The identity in the 'imageRegistryCredentials' of container group 'trigger-dbt-flow-de0b8ac7-256a-4eb7-a50a-6cb9d143c3c4' not found in container group identity list.

My resource group on azure has sufficient rights to do all that is necessary. My Azure Container Instance Credentials block is rightly configured. The rest of my workpool config looks like this:
For Image Registry I use the following config → ACRMangedIdentity
with Identity = /subscriptions//resourcegroups/
Registry URL =
Then I use my AzureContainerInstanceCredentials Block
Fill in the Azure Subscription Id
Fill in the Azure Resource Group Name
For the rest there is no config I changed!
I look forward to everyones answers! Thanks in advance

Hi David,

Can you try adding the identity as a list to the “Identities” header, in addition to the ACRManagedIdentity?

I can confirm I received the same error with only the ACR Managed identity (which takes the form “/subscriptions//resourcegroups/ /providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/userAssignedIdentities/myACRid”

I additionally added this identity to the “Identities” section as well (see image), and had success in pulling the image. I think this is a bug to be required in two locations, albeit a small one.

Let me know how it goes!

Hey Christopher,
Thanks for looking into my problem but I didn’t need the ACRManagedIdentity block as it turned out. I needed the default prefect docker image. But thanks for taking your time to look at it.