Add Kubernetes Tutorial

It would be great to add a Kubernetes tutorial using prefect-helm like the Docker tutorial.

Thanks! :smiley:

if you would like to contribute, that would be awesome :pray: some usage is documented in the repo in README

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Thanks @anna_geller ! I would love to. However, unfortunately, I am also struggling to get it work and finding the documents which is why I suggested this. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I highly encourage getting started with Prefect Cloud. It’s free forever with no time limits (no trials) and you can start a K8s agent using a single CLI command: prefect kubernetes manifest agent | kubectl apply -f -

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Thanks @anna_geller ! I have tried Prefect Cloud which is awesome and I am quite sure I will continue using it! :smiley:
However, currently I am specifically focusing on and learning Prefect Orion in Kubernetes.

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Gotcha, I understand. But atm I won’t be able to contribute any such detailed tutorial, so this one is waiting for a volunteer.

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Maybe I could help in future.

Currently, my PoC on K8S has separated UI and API, supported by 3 queues and 5 agents using PSQL as database.