When I try to register a flow to Prefect Server I get an HTTPConnectionPool Error - can it be an issue with our company proxy?

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Bennett_Lambert @Bennett_Lambert: I get HTTP Connection read timed out when registering flows to Prefect Server deployed using a Helm chart. Is there a way to increase the timeout duration using environment variables?

Anna_Geller @Anna_Geller: Yup! Is it possible to increase the GraphQL API request timeout?


Bennett_Lambert @Bennett_Lambert: thanks very much for the support!
In this case I was able to get it running and the issue was that I did not have a tenant in Prefect Server. However now when I try to register a flow I get a HTTPConnectionPool Error. I tried increasing the timeout, but no luck. I believe it is an issue with our company proxy. Is there a way to provide prefect with proxy authentication information?
I figured it out! Adding the server to the NO_PROXY environment variable fixed this issue

Anna_Geller @Anna_Geller: @Bennett_Lambert thanks a lot, this will be helpful to other users :clap: