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Hi everyone! :wave: My name is Chris Reuter, but as a Prefect employee I typically go by Reuter.

I have been using Prefect since I joined (August 2021). Right now I’m working on procuring a Raspberry Pi so I can leverage Prefect as my home automation center. I want to monitor for water leaks, hook up my Arlo cameras, etc.

Look forward to learning more from the community here!


:wave: Hello, I’m Jeremiah!

I’m a workflow enthusiast located in Washington DC. My primary role at Prefect is keeping the world stocked with terrible, terrible, puns, though sometimes I try to be helpful in other ways, too.

I’m really excited we’ve launched this Discourse as a knowledge base complement to our exploding Slack community (…call that a Slack overflow?), and I know it’ll become a critical focal point for our users. Thanks to everyone for joining in!


Let me introduce myself, too! I’m Anna. I’m a Solutions Engineer at Prefect and my job is to help you be successful with Prefect - by providing support, creating content, and helping to expand Prefect’s integrations and community.

I learned about Prefect in early 2020 when I was searching for better tools that would support me in my work as a data engineering consultant. All other workflow orchestration products were frankly quite horrible! :upside_down_face:

Having seen this great product and a vibrant community led me to join Prefect as a first international employee - I’m working from Berlin, Germany! :de:

Can’t wait to hear from you about how you (will) use Prefect for your use case!


Hey everyone!

Kevin Kho here. I’m a Community Engineer at Prefect so I support our users in adopting Prefect. I grew up in Philippines :philippines: and currently live in Orlando.

Outside of Prefect, I also work on Fugue, an abstraction layer for Pandas, Spark, and Dask.

I was also a data scientist for 4 years before Prefect so always happy to chat about machine learning as well.


Hi all!

I’m Zach Angell, an Engineer at Prefect. I’m here to support Prefect users and learn about workflow orchestration.


:wave: Hey there!

I’m Bill - I’m Prefect’s head of product. My handle is @justabill and I live in Washington, DC - so most days I am quite literally just a bill sitting on Capitol Hill.

I’m very excited about Discourse’s tools to organize and prioritize questions and challenges. While our roadmap won’t be informed by any specific discussion here, the themes will absolutely shape the future of Prefect!


Hello world! :wave: I’m Chris White (username @cicdw) - when I’m not out playing in the Pacific Ocean you can find me CTO’ing for Prefect.

I first learned about the vision for Prefect when a workflow and database enthusiast named Jeremiah approached me with an incredibly compelling prototype many years ago. Since then, I’ve learned so much from our vibrant community, and I’m incredibly excited to continue learning and collaborating on Discourse!


Hello Everyone! :wave:

I found out about Prefect through colleagues at work. I just started using Prefect within the last couple of weeks, so I am still getting up to speed. We primarily use Prefect for workflow orchestration. So far it seems like an invaluable tool and I am excited to continue learning more about how I can use Prefect to orchestrate my data engineering tasks.


Hello here.
I’m Thomas a data engineer at PrestaShop.
Using prefect and prefect cloud as main orchestrator at PrestaShop.
I live near Paris.


Hey all, Noah from Mentimeter here :wave:
I’m a Data Engineer and tech lead based in our Stockholm HQ and we started using Prefect Cloud with AWS ECS as our main orchestrator in the spring of 2021. Currently nearing the end of migration from our legacy, home-grown ruby and cron based scheduling.

We’re mainly integrating APIs and our DW as well as scheduling DW based processing (dbt for example) with Prefect and I’m really looking forward to Orion and new use cases with Prefect.


Hello :wave:, Vishnu from Hackpartners in London

I am a data engineer, working on a project with UK’s train/rail performance data. I have been using Prefect for couple of years now. Really excited by the way the project and community are developing. Right now, at work we are using Prefect for scheduled ETL pipelines. However, I am also exploring the idea of using Prefect + Prefect Cloud as an API service as well.



Hello from Florida!
Exited to work with Prefect again! Very hopeful that the product has all the features we need to orchestrate our complex ETL workflows. Greetings to @jeremiah from JT!


I’m Henning, free-range data clown based in Oslo, Norway.

I stumbled over Prefect some time in summer of 2021, because of the Coiled integration. At the moment I am working on setting up Prefect as the orchestrator in a modern data warehouse. My background is in economics and data science, but nowadays I am spending most of my time as a data engineer and Azure scullion.


Hi all !
I am Morten a data scientist who spent a lot of my time on data analysis of mobile games. A lot of my work is data engineer-related tasks and I found that Prefect could be an interesting solution to some of our challenges.


Hi All,
I am the CTO of Apps Consultants and we provide Data Science and Data engineering solutions for Medium to large companies. I stumbled across Prefect on a job description and thought it would interesting to see what it is.
I believe that it would be a great tool for orchestrating data pipelines for Graph databases. Would love to hear from people who have used it for the same.



I am the BI architect for a small company in the healthcare space and I’m considering Prefect to manage our data warehouse ETL. I’m just starting with Prefect, so I’m trying to learn about it and take it for a test drive.


Hi everyone :wave:. My name is Chris Scheidel, I’m the CIO of a small consulting firm called Transaction Insights. We do a lot of orchestration of small bits of Python at scale. We were thinking of using RabbitMQ and a custom queuing method to orchestrate work, but then I ran across Prefect.

I’ve been studying the docs for about a month and now putting it through its paces for our use case. I’m very curious to see what it can do, what level of granularity makes sense for our task decomposition, and generally how Prefect may be able to make our lives easier.

I look forward to asking questions and sharing experiences. Thanks!


Hello, prefect world!

My name is William Grisaitis. I’m a computational biologist with a quantitative cancer research lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School. I do lots of applied stats/ML on genomic data, trying to understand when and why various therapies cure cancer. I do lots of pandas-heavy data pipeline work (cleaning, aggregating, training/running ML models on tabular datasets, visualization, etc).

My background includes a stint at Capital One, where it sounds like Prefect’s CTO worked. (I was an analyst there for three years after university.) I also know Kevin Kho @kvnkho from the florida machine learning community (which is kinda small haha). I also did a batch at the Recurse Center in 2019.

Lastly, I’m an avid couchsurfer, and am currently hosting a couple from Berlin! (sounds like @anna_geller is a berliner?)