The requested flow is run twice, when running the deployment

I’ve created a flow, a work queue, a relevant agent, and a deployment.
After running the deployment, I can see that the flow is initiated twice, instead of only once.

The lof of the agent looks as following:
12:51:21.614 | INFO | prefect.agent - Submitting flow run ‘1cc020ff-793d-44a2-ad61-998b5510f7ad’
12:51:21.806 | INFO | prefect.infrastructure.process - Opening process ‘efficient-armadillo’…
12:51:21.954 | INFO | prefect.agent - Completed submission of flow run ‘1cc020ff-793d-44a2-ad61-998b5510f7ad’
12:51:44.256 | INFO | prefect.engine - Created flow run ‘auspicious-tuatara’ for flow ‘my-flow’

You can see that two flows are actually generated: efficient-armadillo and auspicious-tuatara.

Why do I get two flows?


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Could you generate a Minimal Reproducible Example? I don’t see this behavior when running an example flow as described e.g. here dataflow-ops/healthcheck.bash at main · anna-geller/dataflow-ops · GitHub

Thanks to your examples, I’ve resolved the problem.
It was an issue on my side.

Thank you!

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