Terminating legacy plan or prefect 1

I can see my account is on a legacy Cloud plan.
I have also read the migration documentation from prefect 1 to prefect 2.

The thing is: everything works and you may know the saying “if it works don’t fix it”.
I’m wondering when will you terminate the ability to use prefect 1 on the cloud with a legacy plan? When should I plan the migration if I really need?

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I recommend migrating to v2 as soon as possible because v2 is the product we will support long-term. This is also the product where all new features and maintenance efforts go already

Hello Anna,

Thanks for your response.
Like for many software projects I have to prioritize tasks, who are all important.
I just need to have some time horizon about when switching becomes mandatory.

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Totally fair and understandable. We will keep you up-to-date about that through our announcements in the community Slack in the #announcements channel: Prefect - Prefect

as well as here in the Announcements - Prefect Community