Task-specific environment/memory requirements

Is it possible to define a flow where each task has it’s own environment and memory specifications? For example, task1 uses containerA with 16 workers and 16Gb RAM, task2 uses containerB with 1 worker and 1Gb RAM).

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Yes, it’s definitely possible. Technically, such a task would involve calling a subflow (or child flow), and Prefect would orchestrate those subflows as if they would belong to a single (parent) flow.

Check out this topic :point_down: for details on how you can use that with a Docker or Kubernetes agent:

LMK if you have any specific questions about it.

Thanks @anna_geller, those pages are quite helpful (I should have seen those before posting). I will give those approaches a shot and drop a line here if I run into any walls - thanks again!

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