Subflow error - PrefectHTTPStatusError - Client error '403 Forbidden'

I’m currently engineering a flow that will run a variety of sub-flows. When I try to pass data between the subflows, I keep running into the following error

PrefectHTTPStatusError : Client error ‘403 Forbidden’ for url ‘ […] /workspaces/ […] /flow_runs/’ For more information check: 403 Forbidden - HTTP Status Code Glossary - WebFX

When I run the same code with a smaller data object (neither of them is particularly large to begin with), then the subflow runs without any problems. Is there a limit or are there guidelines on how much data should be passed from one flow to another within a parent flow?

Is there documentation on what you can and can’t do with subflows?

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There is subflow documentation, and tests can help understand it too, but generally speaking, run results will be more configurable in the near future (work in progress as we speak).

Until then, you can influence result persistence to some extent using those settings:

PREFECT_HOME='~/.prefect' (from defaults)
PREFECT_LOCAL_STORAGE_PATH='${PREFECT_HOME}/storage' (from defaults)

If this is not helpful, I’d encourage you to open a GitHub issue with a minimal reproducible example showing what exactly doesn’t work as expected and what’s your setup/version/environment.

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