Prefect 2.7.5 is here with CLI enhancements and collection updates!

If you like working with the Prefect CLI, you’ll enjoy Prefect 2.7.5. Here’s what has changed:


  • You can now schedule flow runs from the CLI with --start-in or --start-at, e.g. prefect deployment run foo/test --start-at "3pm tomorrow"
  • And, you can get the logs for a flow run using prefect flow-run logs <flow run UUID>, e.g. prefect flow-run logs 7aec7a60-a0ab-4f3e-9f2a-479cd85a2aaf

Collection updates

  • Added BigQueryWarehouse block in prefect-gcp v0.2.1
  • Added AirbyteConnection block in prefect-airbyte v0.2.0
  • Added dbt Cloud metadata API client to DbtCloudCredentials in prefect-dbt v0.2.7

Documentation updates

  • Fixed task annotation in task runner docs — #7977
  • Added instructions for building custom blocks — #7979

As always, see the release notes for details.Thank you to everyone for your feedback and especially to @ohadch and @mohitsaxenaknoldus for their first contributions!