Orchestrating ELT on Kubernetes with Prefect, dbt, & Snowflake (Part 2)

The modern data stack promises modular components that can be combined together to build a modern and easy-to-use data platform. This article demonstrates an example data platform built on top of Snowflake, dbt, and Prefect. It showcases how to organize and orchestrate a variety of flows written by different teams, and how to deploy the entire project to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS.

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Table of contents:
· Snowflake configuration
Creating database credentials
SQL alchemy connection
Using the connection to load raw data (Extract & Load)
Turning the extract & load script into a Prefect flow
· dbt configuration
· Deploying your flows to a remote Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS
1. Building a custom Docker image
2. Pushing the image to ECR
3. Creating a demo Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS
4. Deploying a Prefect’s Kubernetes agent
Changing the run configuration in your flows to KubernetesRun
Cleanup no longer needed AWS resources
· Building a repeatable CI/CD process