Not able to import task,flow from prefect

I am using Prefect 2.3.1 and installed the same in anaconda environment. Getting error while trying to execute below lines.
import prefect
from prefect import task, Flow

(mlflow_env) C:\Ananda\Projects\Summbo\prefect>python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Ananda\Projects\Summbo\prefect\”, line 2, in
from prefect import task, Flow
ImportError: cannot import name ‘task’ from ‘prefect’ (unknown location)

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from prefect import task, Flow is Prefect 1 syntax.

I think you want
from prefect import task, flow (no capitalization)

Did you do pip install -U prefect?

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Thank you, indeed I have installed prefect 2.3.1 but using code of prefect 1.Changing code to prefect 2 now following Migration Guide - Prefect 2

I am trying to convert this import statement to prefect 2 but yet to find the way to do so.

from prefect.engine.results import LocalResult

I am newbie to Prefect, so apology if these changes are rather straightforward.

Results are not yet available in 2.0, but we are working on it – currently, all results are by default persisted to PREFECT_LOCAL_STORAGE_PATH='${PREFECT_HOME}/storage'

this will be more configurable soon

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