Link to community slack is broken

I believe we have the organization plan, but when I go to the bottom left menu icon and click Community Slack the link is broken (see attached screenshot). Can you please fix so I can join there and start asking questions :slight_smile:

Broken link

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 4.32.31 PM

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thanks for reporting it, will check

you can ask questions directly here as well

the link to join Slack is Prefect - Prefect

I couldn’t reproduce the issue, the link is correct and working:

Could you check again?

Same issue when clicking that link: Slack

I actually just remembered that I had already joined your slack, but it was on my previous laptop a month or two back. Putting in my email, gave me the 6 char code, and I was able to add prefect community to my slack app. We can resolve this as closed.

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