Introducing Projects

Prefect projects are a great way to create and manage your deployments. A project is a directory of code and configuration for your workflows that can be customized for portability. Read more about projects in the docs.

pip install prefect>=2.10.4

The commands I used in the video are:

  • Clone the tutorial:
    git clone
    (or git clone
    cd hello-projects
  • Starting a worker:
    prefect worker start -t docker -p docker-work
  • Viewing available project recipes, making it easy to initialize a project with a more opinionated structure suited to a particular use:
    prefect project recipe ls
  • Initializing a project that uses a recipe, in this case docker-git:
    prefect project init --recipe docker-git
  • Deploy your flow*:
    prefect deploy -f log-flow \
      -n my-first-log-flow-deployment \
      -p docker-work

*Note that Prefect has automatically done a few things for you:

  • registered the existence of this flow with your local project
  • created a description for this deployment based on the docstring of your flow function
  • parsed the parameter schema for this flow function in order to expose an API for running this flow

Cool new stuff. You mentioned a video but I can’t find it here.