Integration with external test runner (ROBOT FRAMEWORK)

Hi all, I have 2 questions:

  1. where in the UI can be description of flow run / subflow run seen?
  2. I’m integrating 1 flow with robot framework, how can I change the description of flow from within the extrenal system?

For the 2nd:

  • I have flow, that has no description. it does some python magic with arguments etc
  • after this…) is called
  • is called with Listener, that is using prefect.context to send logs to the prefect server
  • I’m chaning the prefect_context.flow.description to my own custom description

The flow at the end has correct description, from the robot framework… BUT the whole problem is, that I can’t see descrition in any of the prefect UI elements (is this by design?)

If yes, how can I propagate description from TEST to be seen on prefect UI? (metadata? documentation? some other way?)
My goal is to see the documentation of flow, description… from the robot framework file. Can any other parameter/argument/of the prefect be used, to be able to see this?