Important note: legacy Prefect Cloud 1 accounts will be frozen - reach out if you need help with migration

Hi everyone!

Today we are announcing that the legacy Prefect Cloud 1 accounts will be frozen for:

  • Free tier users on May 1st 2023
  • Starter & Standard tier users on monthly plans on July 15th 2023

This means that your account and tenant will become read-only, and your flows & tasks will no longer run.

Prefect 2 has seen exciting development advancements over the past year, and Prefect Cloud 2 is available with a free tier and a simple pricing model based on users & workspaces. To help our remaining users transition, we provide upgrade support to all users via written guides, videos and help from real Prefect engineers.

To get upgrade support, visit

Note that this freeze only pertains to Free, Starter and Standard users of Prefect Cloud 1 on monthly plans, available at

Enterprise users, those with annual agreements and accounts on Prefect Cloud 2, are not impacted by this announcement.