I want to create a global temp table in my SQL Server database. Can I use Prefect SqlServerExecute task for it?

TL;DR no, you can’t because this task closes the DB connection once it’s done. And as soon as you close this session, the temp table won’t be available in any other session. So it doesn’t matter whether you use a local or global temp table, for such use case you need to use pyodbc and create your own custom task.

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Dominic_Pham @Dominic_Pham: Hi all, when I create a connection to a db using prefect.task.sql_server and I create a global temp table, will the temp table persist even when the flow is done? Or will I have to explicitly close the connection as a final task in the flow?

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: If you use the SQL Server task of Prefect, the connection will be closed inside the task. The source code is pretty readable if you check. On the temp table…I’m honestly not sure but I feel like it does not

Anna_Geller @Anna_Geller: @Dominic_Pham it depends on your query. When you execute a stored procedure written in a way that leverages an in-memory temp table, then the temp table doesn’t persist. But if you manually create a temp table and just execute INSERT or MERGE query, then temp table will persist. So it depends on your query, Prefect doesn’t limit you here in any way

Dominic_Pham @Dominic_Pham: Thanks for the responses! The basic idea for this pipeline is to manually create a global temp table with RAW sql (using prefect.task.sql_server I believe will close the connection/session once the task is done as per Kevin), move on to a different task that will invoke an insert and closes the connection. (Or moves on to a final task to close the connection.)

Anna_Geller @Anna_Geller: I see, even if you are using a global temp table you must be a bit more careful though since the session creating that table CANNOT be closed in order to be used in another session:
“Global temporary table is automatically dropped when the session that created the table ends”

So you can’t use the prebuilt Prefect task for this because you can’t close the first connection in order to use the global temp table in the second operation/task. I suggest you build a custom functional task e.g.:

def load_data_to_sql_server(dataframe, some_table_name):
    your_conn_str = None  # define it
    create_tmp_tbl_stmt = f"""select top 0 * into #temp_table from {some_table_name}"""
    # OR: never true so that it always returns 0 rows, just to get the table structure
    # create_tmp_tbl_stmt = f"""select * into #temp_table from some_table_name where 1=2"""

    insert_to_tmp_tbl_stmt = f"""insert into #temp_table VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)"""
    tuples = dataframe.values.tolist()

    with pyodbc.connect(your_conn_str, autocommit=True) as conn:
        cursor = conn.cursor()
        cursor.fast_executemany = True
        cursor.executemany(insert_to_tmp_tbl_stmt, tuples)
        print(f"{len(dataframe)} rows inserted to the Temp table")

the above code works with both local and global temp table, because everything runs in one session

check this if you need more info on that python - SQL Server temp table not available in pyodbc code - Stack Overflow

Dominic_Pham @Dominic_Pham: Ah yes the custom function code you defined is almost identical to what I have written so far, thanks!
Manually dropping the table could be a workaround to the first connection staying active no?

Anna_Geller @Anna_Geller: manually creating the table would - the temp table is the issue