I can't login to Prefect Cloud - what to do?

Questions that help troubleshoot login issues

Use the questions below to guide troubleshooting or to provide more information when sharing your case to the support channel.

  • Do you already have an account with us? if you’re having difficulty accepting an invitation, you need to create an account first in order to accept.
  • Are you logging in to the 1.0 or 2.0 Cloud platform? Make sure to use the right Cloud URL: Prefect 2 = https://app.prefect.cloud/, Prefect 1 = https://cloud.prefect.io/
  • Are you using an SSO provider (Google, GitHub) or just using a username/password login?
  • Did you utilize the “having trouble / forgot password” link on the login page? If so, did you receive the password reset email? Occasionally the password reset email can get filtered into the spam folder.

Other tips to help

  1. Hard refresh your browser with Command + Shift + R
  2. Try in a different browser
  3. Clear recent browser history/cookies

None of this worked, what to do next?

Write an email to help@prefect.io and provide answers to the questions above in your email to make it faster to troubleshoot and unblock you. Make sure you add your email address with which you were trying to login, your Cloud account name, and optionally, the organization it belongs.

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