How to schedule a subflow on a specific queue?

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I have a flow that contains two subflows. I need the subflows to be scheduled on different queues (one queue to be processed by an agent running on Linux, and another - by an agent running on Windows). Since the tag-based filtering has been deprecated, how can I achieve this in Prefect 2.0?

I imagine I could extract the two subflows into individual flows associated with corresponding queues, and then trigger them from a third (parent) flow using the API, but this will essentially mimic the 1.0 approach in a way.

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The easiest way would be to either:

  1. Create a separate deployment for each of those and assign different queue names based on the right agent
  2. Use orchestrator pattern:
    How to create a flow run from deployment (orchestrator pattern)?

Check out:

And more importantly:

That works for me , thank you!

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