How to run my deployment in a virtual environment such as conda?

There are several ways how you can accomplish that.

Run the agent directly in the virtual environment from which you want to execute the flow runs

Assuming that your agent is already running in the virtual environment that has all required dependencies. In that case, you don’t need to do anything else on your infrastructure block or deployment - the default Process block will already work out of the box.

Adjust the YAML file

Another option is to adjust the YAML deployment file before applying the deployment.

You can modify the command that is used for the flow run entrypoint to use Python in the virtual environment as follows:

Example flow

from prefect import task, flow
from prefect import get_run_logger
from typing import Any

def say_hi(user_name: str, question: str, answer: Any) -> None:
    logger = get_run_logger()"Hello from Prefect, %s! 👋", user_name)"The answer to the %s question is %s! 🤖", question, answer)

def parametrized(
    user: str = "Marvin", question: str = "Ultimate", answer: Any = 42
) -> None:
    say_hi(user, question, answer)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Corresponding deployment YAML manifest

Here, we assume a virtual environment is named dataplatform - adjust it to the name of your Conda environment:

### A complete description of a Prefect Deployment for flow 'parametrized'
name: dev
description: null
version: 77ecff5259bc026121213109401965ae
# The work queue that will handle this deployment's runs
work_queue_name: dev
tags: []
parameters: {}
schedule: null
infra_overrides: {}

flow_name: parametrized
manifest_path: null
  type: process
  env: {}
  labels: {}
  name: null
    - conda
    - run
    - -n
    - dataplatform
    - python
    - -m
    - prefect.engine
  stream_output: true
  working_dir: null
  _block_document_id: fe9361e7-68d2-45d9-818d-9f3d77660ea1
  _block_document_name: anonymous-e3b61f4f-c424-4d4e-b3c7-e3c311f77d6c
  _is_anonymous: true
  block_type_slug: process
  _block_type_slug: process
storage: null
path: /Users/anna/repos/prefect-deployment-patterns/__create_deployment
entrypoint: flows/
  title: Parameters
  type: object
      title: user
      default: Marvin
      type: string
      title: question
      default: Ultimate
      type: string
      title: answer
      default: 42
  required: null
  definitions: null

Note that this deployment replaces the default command (shown below) with a command that runs the same in a conda environment:

  - python
  - -m
  - prefect.engine

Adjust the infrastructure Block from Code or from the UI

From code

Here is how you can create a Process infra block that will run the flow in a conda environment named dataplatform:

from prefect.infrastructure import Process

process_block = Process(
    ["conda", "run", "-n", "conda_environment_name", "python", "-m", "prefect.engine"]
)"default", overwrite=True)

From the UI

Or you could do the same from the UI:

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