How to pass the parameter in paused **flow -> task** and resume the task?

How to pass the parameter in paused flow → task and resume the task?

Use case:
I’m running a flow, which have two task, one normal task, then second one with manual trigger (which will pause the task).
I want to resume the paused task (second one) by passing some parameter of custom data like JSON data example : {x:y,name : “Salman”}, how can I do this ?

Please read the question carefully.

Hi @gaurav_amoga, I’m not sure whether this is possible. Parameters are passed when starting a flow run. In contrast resuming from a paused state doesn’t take any parameters.

Could you explain your use case from business perspective? Do you have some code you can share that shows how did you approach it so far?

Also, how would you do it in Python without Prefect?

Problem statement:
I want to take some values during runtime by calling the flow instance, which can be used in my resumed task for further processing the code. Is it possible to pass some values or data to the running flow ?

you explained a possible solution, could you explain the problem? check this to see what I mean XY problem - Wikipedia

you can always read some data from 3rd party KV Store or DB within your task or flow