How to accept a Webhook with Postdata from Prefect (Orion)

I could write an API Server that triggers the flow but since Prefect have an API server , i would like to call the flow directly from API , also pastting POST Json data which will be parsed inside the flow.

How could I Listen a Webhook using the API ?

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Once you create a deployment for your flow, you can trigger it via API call as described here:

I see , It has how to trigger but how to pass post data? Post data will have 1000 records is that a good idea?

I honestly don’t know, I could check with the team what is allowed payload size, but if you put such large data into flow Parameter values, I wonder why don’t you put this data e.g. into S3 and only pass a reference to that object in your API request? it would make your API calls simpler and more reliable, even if your payload size would grow over time

extra workflow , i could just pass the list of ids .

it might be easier to store this list of IDs in S3 and then point to it in your parameter