How do I create my own task decorator in Prefect 1.0 to add functionality or set defaults?

Below is an example of how to wrap the task function to get the full traceback when a task errors. The custom_task can also be used to set default values for max_retries or state_handlers

import traceback
from prefect import task, Flow
from functools import partial, wraps

def custom_task(func=None, **task_init_kwargs):
    if func is None:
        return partial(custom_task, **task_init_kwargs)

    def safe_func(**kwargs):
            return func(**kwargs)
        except Exception as e:
            print(f"Full Traceback: {traceback.format_exc()}")
            raise RuntimeError(type(e)) from None  # from None is necessary to not log the stacktrace

    safe_func.__name__ = func.__name__
    return task(safe_func, **task_init_kwargs)

def abc(x):
    raise ValueError()
    return x

with Flow("custom-decorator-test") as flow: