Flow/task run runtime estimate

When I was casually reading through the code base (quite well written :hugs:) I saw variables like “estimated_run_time” and “estimated_start_time_delta”. In prefect 1.0, we have developed a similar measure on-prem with EWMA of past runtimes, so it is nice to see it included in Prefect itself! Currently I could not seem to find any usage guide/downstreams of these variables.

  1. Is it possible to include this in the flow-run page on the Prefect UI? Having an estimate (and possibly a confidence interval) of runtime/completion time would be very helpful.
  2. How is this computed? Is it exposed anywhere we can read (and do some more fun stuff with)?
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stay tuned, we have a timeline view in the works that will satisfy your use case very soon

Hi @anna_geller , has there been any update on this? I do noticed the ETAs on the UI but would really appreciate some insight on how they are computed for task/flows, for example are they using run history for flow identified by id and tasks by task-keys?