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Hi everyone!

If you have any questions or feedback on Prefect Discourse, we would love to hear from you!

Reply to this topic and tell us what you think.

Great to have you with us! Happy Engineering!

Really awesome that Prefect has a Discourse now since it doesn’t require a login to view questions+answers, unlike Slack (also I feel like Discourse takes much less time to load)!

To make it even easier to login, maybe the signup can use OAuth from GitHub (and Slack) like does

Also, I’m wondering if questions on Slack will be redirected here so that there’s a central place for questions+answers (similar to how HoloViz does on Gitter? The HoloViz community — HoloViz 0.13.0 documentation)

Thanks for your feedback! That’s a good idea and I will discuss this with a team whether we can add more auth mechanisms. By looking at Discourse docs, login with Slack doesn’t seem to be supported but those are:

We also believe that it would be great if we could incorporate Slack discussions within Discourse and we do have an integration with Slack that allows us to transcribe any Slack discussion into Discourse. Check out this topic if you wanna see what it looks like:
What is the correct (and secure) way to pass GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN to a KubernetesAgent using Server deployed with Helm chart?


Wow nice, auth to GitHub and Google is implemented already!

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We take users’ feedback really seriously! :smile:

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One other suggestion is that my first impression of the landing page is kind of crowded with a wall of text:

Maybe this can potentially scare away some people with information overload?

I personally like HoloViz’s Discourse landing page (seems more “open” and accessible, like a simple PowerPoint slide). It only shows the latest posts on the right, and the left’s descriptions are much shorter to read (although I don’t really know if that’s a good or bad thing).

That’s good to know. We carefully reviewed what’s the best way to present important information such as:

  • how to get started with Prefect
  • how to get started with Prefect Discourse
  • how to use (and contribute to) the task library,

and we decided that serving those as pinned topics directly on the Homepage is more beneficial than only serving one latest post per category. So I totally get your point, but there is a trade-off here we had to make.

Also, the view displayed by HoloViz would show my Prefect icon everywhere atm :smile: Maybe we can reconsider this later once we get more user-contributed topics.

Another suggestion is for “Getting Started,” I was wondering why my recent posts weren’t shown on the front page, then I realized the three pinned topics were occupying all the space!

Maybe the discourse could have a separate section named “Intros” for those three pins so that users that are getting started can see others’ recent posts to feel more inspired to post (rather than seeing a stale 26d post)?

If you click on the pin, Discourse should unpin it for you. Can you try that?

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Anyway, I now enabled the setting that a pinned topic will be automatically unpinned for each user once you read the topic and reached the bottom of it. But you can manually unpin topics any time.

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I wasn’t aware that it can be unpinned, but now I know. Thanks for sharing and updating the defaults!

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Actually, when I click on the pin, it doesn’t work (just refreshes the page), nor does scrolling down to the entire page unpin it. I had to manually unpin in the topic itself.

Are you sure? I just logged in as a new test user and was able to unpin the topic with this single click, see here:

Woops, I misread; clicking the pin on the front page didn’t work:

But the big pin at the title works.

Thanks for clarifying!

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