Feature Request: tags for Automations


I am helping a client implement notifications and automations with Prefect. They want CICD on a subset of automations. I have identified 3 ways of doing this:

  1. Put a parseable tag in the name of the automation and use that in combination with the API to identify automation definitions that should be promoted .
  2. Create a list of Automation IDs in a repo in Github to trigger github actions.
  3. –REQUEST-- Enable tagging so that only automations tagged with the ‘promote’ tag will be pulled into the next env. by CICD.

I think 3 is the best pattern because it could be part of the API query, requires less human intervention, and is less prone to break.

If there is already an easy way to promote Automations between envs and I’ve missed it - please let me know!

Hey @peter.awesome, I don’t know of any specific practices around this that have come up yet Automations in Prefect 2 are still relatively new I think that implementation sounds great if works you you and your team :smiley: