Email Block JSON Structure

My apologies if this has been asked before but I’ve been looking through documentation and searching here but so far I don’t see it. What is the expected json structure for an email block? This really should be linked to / displayed somewhere in the block UI itself.

I’m trying out Prefect Cloud for my organization and I’m testing automations for failure alerts (side note- I’d really love a “test” button on automations) and the automation is failing because I’m not configuring the email block correctly.

EDIT: To further clarify for any individuals with this same question in the future - I’m talking about the email block within the UI on Prefect Cloud:

This might help

Also you mention JSON, so have a look at one of the examples here

I figured it out but it wasn’t obvious (unfortunately Wingmore that documentation didn’t help on what to enter in the Email block in the Cloud UI).

Initially I was just typing in email addresses separated by semicolons, and the UI currently shows “Emails must be valid JSON” as I typed, which is what brought me down the road of trying to figure out what the JSON should be, and at least to me it didn’t click that when prompted for a list they were talking about a literall [item1,item2] list. I’m sure to the development team that was “clear” but in most places when you’re dealing with a front end UI the expectation isn’t that you’re writing code unless you’re told to, and just saying “JSON” doesn’t exactly narrow things down. A simple example would have cleared it up much better.

After a good bit of trying to research and guess since I couldn’t find one example of what to put in there I figured it out this morning. The expected format is:


I feel like Gandalf trying to enter Moria…
Frodo: “Wait…what’s JSON for list?”

Hey! Thanks for raising this, and I’m glad you ultimately found the solution.
I created an issue to make the expected format a bit more clear in the UI.