Docker work pool

I’m interested in using the new Docker work pool, in place of an existing setup where I have a Prefect Agent work pool and Docker infrastructure blocks on each of the deployments.

I have a couple of questions on work pools:

  1. The Docker work pool doesn’t appear to have any settings relating to the container registry. How can I set it to use the Docker registry block that I have defined in Prefect?
  2. Am I correct in thinking that I will need a separate Docker work pool for each image that I want to use in my jobs? For example if deployment A uses my-org/image1:latest and deployment B uses my-org/image2:latest, then these cannot share a work pool, instead I will need to create separate pools with different images configured on each one?

I think I found the answer to question (1) here: Support Docker registry authentication in worker · Issue #72 · PrefectHQ/prefect-docker (