Deploying the 2.0 Server to AWS

I am attempting to migrate my company’s Prefect 1.0 to Prefect 2.0. In 1.0, I can simply deploy the server using prefect server start -d and it will stand up the containers necessary and I’m off. Now it seems to run a local process. I’m now trying the prefect Docker image, but if I set PREFECT_SERVER_API_HOST to which is necessary for the service to be available, it seems to also makes all requests to , which obviously fails when connecting from my local machine. Is there another way to adjust what host the server binds to without it also affecting the base url it uses in requests? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I was able to get the UI to at least stop giving the following error by setting PREFECT_UI_API_URL:

Can’t connect to Server API at Check that it’s accessible from your machine.

However, flow runs don’t seem to be appearing, even after setting PREFECT_API_URL appropriately when running the flow.

Bumping for visibility.

Have this same error when accessing via Windows, however, works fine via Mac.