Customizing Kubernetes Tolerations for Dask-Gateway Pods with Prefect and Dask-Gateway

Can I customize the kubernetes tolerations for pods scheduled by Dask-Gateway when using prefect_dask with cluster_class=‘dask_gateway.GatewayCluster’ as my task_runner?

Yes, you can customize the Kubernetes tolerations for pods scheduled by Dask-Gateway. To do this, you need to create a custom Dask-Gateway configuration file and specify the tolerations in the gateway.cluster_options section. Then, pass the configuration file to the DaskExecutor when creating your Prefect flow.

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I originally asked this question, updating here with the solution thanks to Marvin’s guidance

Here’s an example:

dask-gateway helmchart values.yaml:

    options: |
      from dask_gateway_server.options import Options, Integer, Float, String
      def options_handler(options):
          return {
              "worker_cores": options.worker_cores,
              "worker_memory": int(options.worker_memory * 2 ** 30),
              "worker_extra_pod_config": {
                  "tolerations": [
                          "key": "nodepool",
                          "operator": "Equal",
                          "value": options.nodepool,
                          "effect": "NoSchedule",

                  "affinity": {
                      "nodeAffinity": {
                          "requiredDuringSchedulingIgnoredDuringExecution": {
                              "nodeSelectorTerms": [{
                                  "matchExpressions": [{
                                      "key": "",
                                      "operator": "In",
                                      "values": [options.nodepool]

      c.Backend.cluster_options = Options(
          String("nodepool", default='default-pool', label="Worker NodePool"),
          Integer("worker_cores", default=1, min=1, max=16, label="Worker Cores"),
          Float("worker_memory", default=0.5, min=0.1, max=32, label="Worker Memory (GiB)"),

python code from client side:

import os
from prefect import task, flow, get_run_logger
from prefect_dask import DaskTaskRunner
from dask_gateway import BasicAuth
from platform import node, platform

gateway_address = os.environ["DASK_GATEWAY_ADDRESS"]
gateway_password = os.environ["DASK_PASSWORD"]

auth = BasicAuth(password=gateway_password)

runner = DaskTaskRunner(
    adapt_kwargs={'minimum': 1, 'maximum': 10, 'active': True},
        'auth': auth,
        'address': gateway_address,
        'worker_cores': 1,
        'worker_memory': 1,
        'nodepool': 't4-cpu-pool'

def check():
    logger = get_run_logger()"Network: {node()}. ✅")"Instance: {platform()}. ✅")

def poc_flow():

if __name__ == "__main__":

Works really well! One gateway, and I create a GatewayCluster for each nodepool that I need to use.
Thanks Marvin!

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