Crashed tasks doesnt free up resources when setting concurrency limit

I have set a concurrency limit, however whenever a task/flow crashes, it seems to hog up that process and the resources arent freed. So any and all future tasks get the “prefect.engine - Received wait instruction for 30s: Concurrency limit for the ___ tag has been reached”.

This seems like a bug, and I’m wondering if there’s a fix in progress or a workaround? As in Is there any way to free up the concurrency limit workers? I thought maybe changing the state of the task would help but to to avail…

This might be related but it doesnt help my current case.

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I agree that it seems you didn’t do anything wrong and it’s a bug. Generally, bug reports should be reported as GitHub issues. I’d encourage you to add comments to the issue you linked or open a new GitHub issue and show a minimal reproducible example (MRE) + add more details. If you could e.g. open a new issue with MRE and link that to this issue, that would be great!