Can I run a flow once but start it in the future?

I’m evaluating replacing Celery with Prefect, and one of my use cases is that I need to run a flow once, but I need to schedule it for some arbitrary datetime in the future. I don’t want to “schedule” it as such, as it’s not something recurring, but I don’t know what the right approach is to accomplish something like that.

I see that I can create a deployment, and call run_deployment() with a particular datetime as the scheduled_time, but that seems a lot of overhead for each flow, that I have to define a flow and a deployment just so I can call run_deployment with a particular datetime.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

In order to schedule those, you need to create a deployment. Then, you can set schedule dates, even from the UI

Creating deployments can be fully automated through CI/CD pipelines - check out some of the recipes we have for this here on Discourse or e.g. here:

Thank you for the confirmation!