Are there any guidelines when to use flow vs task decorator? Which part of my workflow should be defined at a task, subflow vs. flow-level?

Flows block execution while tasks are run in the background. Task run behavior with respect to concurrency and parallelism are controlled by the task runner assigned on the @flow decorator.

If you call a flow, it will not return until its final state is reached. If you call a task, it returns a future immediately and the return value can be retrieved later.

When to use subflows?

If you want to build a parent-child relationship to reflect dependencies between flows in a modular way.

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Stéphan_Taljaard @Stéphan_Taljaard: For :prefect: 2.0 - do you have some general guidelines to use to decide if I should decorate a function(s) with task or flow (i.e. subflows)?

Kevin_Kho @Kevin_Kho: I think the paradigm is a lot more flexible but for me it would boil down to that flows have properties that tasks don;t (schedules, storage, FlowRunner). I would personally say keep stuff as tasks until you need one of those properties.

Also, flows that group tasks will support retrying together if not already. A common request in Prefect 1 was to retry upstream tasks if a downstream one fails.

I think it also depends what you need visibility for in the UI and you can think about how you would filter for failed flows/tasks

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