About the Show and Tell category

“Show and Tell” is a category for data engineers who use Prefect for their projects. In this category, members can share quick snippets, patterns, tools, and techniques to solve specific problems using Prefect.

Are you using a Prefect flow that automatically downloads data from a third-party API and uploads it to your data warehouse? Or maybe you have a code snippet that simplifies the process of setting up your Prefect environment with Docker? These are just a few examples of things you can share in this category!

By sharing your Prefect-based solutions, you can help others who may be struggling with similar data engineering problems. You can also learn from others who have implemented different approaches and techniques with Prefect. The category is designed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among data engineers who use Prefect in their projects.

As a member of this category, you are welcome to expand on your posts over time, and engineers can always develop them into guides in Prefect documentation. So, whether you are a seasoned data engineer or just starting with Prefect, this category is the perfect place to share your insights, ask questions, and learn from others. Join the conversation and be part of a vibrant community of Prefect users!